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Niki Noto


Niki Noto graduated from the University of Alabama, so my guess is, she doesn't care for Auburn (I wonder is she likes trucks?).  Although Niki is known for being an 'Inside Reporter' for the Atlanta Falcons, I first really became aware of her in 2011 for her work as co-host of ESPNU's 'Road Trip'.

Niki Noto - black - Atlanta

Niki Noto - Road Trip - Michigan - Drubner

She looks pretty good in that retro Michigan Wolverine Jersey, and I went to Michigan State, so that wasn't easy to say.

Niki Noto - Road Trip - Michigan

Niki Noto - Road Trip - Michigan - big house

Niki Noto - Fisher

Niki Noto - Road Trip - Drubner - ESPNU

Niki Noto - ESPNU Road Trip - Mascot

Niki Noto and boy

Niki Noto - Black Dress

Niki Noto - Atlanta Falcons - Dogfish Head - Mac

(Note the Dogfish Head Logo back right)

Niki Noto - brunette

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