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Browsing a Network - lameSMBxplorer

   So, I decided to put a Puppy Linux 5.2 computer on my network (I have many that run Puppy 2.17, but I hadn't really explored 5.2)  When it came to seeing other computers on my network, I found that the application that comes with puppy, 'Pnethood Samba shares', wasn't finding the computers on my network.  Sometimes it would find one, but it never found more than one and even then didn't always find the same one and sometimes found none.  This was a little puzzling to me as I had used Pnethood Samba shares in Puppy 2.17 without this issue, so perhaps this was hardware related.  At any rate, I wanted to browse other computers and Pnethood wasn't cutting it.  So, I tried Puppy 5.2's package manager,... sadly I didn't see any samba client programs there.  So, I eventually was able to search the forums for a program (pet) that worked for me, it is called lameSMBxplorer.  After installing this pet, my Puppy Linux 5.2 computer was able to see all the computers on my network in short order.  So, here is a step by step 'Howto' to get lameSMBxplorer installed on your Puppy Linux 5.2 computer so you can browse your network.

Step One was to download the following Pet file and install it...

(You can install by simply finding where you downloaded it and single clicking the file)

A Pop up box will appear; 'Click 'OK' button to confirm that you wish to install the package'.
Click OK

A Pop box should appear that says; 'The following package has been successfully installed.  ...yada, yada, yada.'
Click OK

Now, when you click Menu and navigate to Network you should see entries for...


You can open lameSMBxplorer and see if it can find the computers on your network.

The first time you use it, it will ask you to setup global options.  I advise saying yes and putting in the relevant data like the Domain.  Click OK.  After scanning the network, hopefully, you'll see something like....

If you don't see your networked computer(s) listed here, as in the above example, you can try hitting refresh.  If that doesn't bring them up, have no fear, a trick I stumbled upon that always seems to bring up my computers is as follows....

Go ahead and close the lameSMBxplorer window, and open the other program that pet put in your network submenu, lameSMBqmount.  When that opens, it will look like...

Except yours will probably not have the Share Details listed, to get them, click Add.

You will then be prompted for an IP address, Servername and Sharename.  (You may also need to add the Domain, the share's username and password) then click save.  You will then see the Share Details in the window, click mount, if all goes well, you will see the status change to 'Mounted' and you can click 'Explore' to access any files on the share. 

Now, if you reopen lameSMBxplorer, it should find not only the computer you just accessed above, but the other computers on your network. 

You can can click on one to bring up the shares present on that computer.  Double click a share to bring up the following...

Then you can enter the username and password for that share, click Connect, then assuming it successfully mounted, click Explore.

You should be in business now.  If not, make sure you don't have a firewall on the computer blocking the ports that Samba uses to share files on your network.

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