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Cynthia Myers


Cynthia Myers is a unique addition to my childhood crushes in that I did not even know her name until many years later when I was an adult.  You see, when I was a child, our neighborhood bordered some woods and when not riding big wheels or jumping our bikes off of dirt hill, many of the neighborhood kids would go into the woods, where among other things we constructed clubhouses, or forts.  One day when I arrived at the fort nearest my house, I found that one of the other kids had stashed some old playboys there and what I saw, was the breathtakingly beautiful image of Cynthia Myers.  It's strange that now, I don't even remember whether it was a whole playboy, or just the centerfold, regardless, it was the December 1968 centerfold image of Cynthia Myers that was burned into my brain.  Still to this day, it is the most beautiful thing I've ever laid eyes on.  I thought so highly of that vision that in school when we learned our Greek mythology, whenever the teachers talked of Aphrodite, I was picturing Cynthia Myers.  I could see her plain as day in my head, that long brown hair, those incredible curves, those big brown eyes, the picture never really faded.  Finally, when the internet age arrived in the 90's I tracked down the name to go with the image that had haunted me throughout my childhood and teenage years,... Cynthia Myers.

Cynthia Myers

Below is the pic of Cynthia Myers that so completely captivated me.

(Sadly, I've had to 'censor' it as my webhost does not allow nudity)

Cynthia Myers - December 1968 - Schlitz

Sometimes I feel blessed that I was able to see such a Goddess and carry that image in my memory for damn near my whole life, but sometimes I feel like it was a curse as after seeing it, I just assumed that when I grew up I would be dating a girl that looked like that and marrying a girl that looked that but as fate would have it, there is only one girl that possesses such exquisite beauty,... Cynthia Myers. 

Cynthia Myers - Beyond the Valley of the Dolls - Casey Anderson

Cynthia Myers - Casey Anderson - Beyond the Valley of the Dolls - Casey Anderson

Cynthia Myers - black and white - hand

Cynthia Myers - black and white - head - hair

Cynthia Myers - black and white - brunette - standing

Cynthia Myers - black and white - sitting

The Carrie Nations - Beyond the Valley of the Dolls - Casey Anderson - Cynthia Myers

Cynthia Myers - Beyond the Valley of the Dolls - Russ Meyer

At any rate, Cynthia Myers was born on September 12th, 1950 in Toledo Ohio.  In addition to being Playboy's playmate of the month for December 1968, she was an actress appearing in "Beyond the Valley of the Dolls", "They Shoot Horses, Don't They?" and "Molly and Lawless John".

She has a website, and of course, you can read more about her from her wikipedia page, her wikipedia page.

Cynthia Myers - Schlitz

Cynthia Myers - brunette - face

 Cynthia Myers as Casey Anderson - Beyond the Valley of the Dolls

Cynthia Myers Schlitz censor

Cynthia Myers - Schlitz censor yellow - brunette

Cynthia Myers face - Black and White

Cynthia Myers looking back

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