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Dawn Wells


Dawn Wells was born October 18th, 1938 in Reno, Nevada.  She is best known, at least by me, as Mary Ann from the sitcom 'Gilligan's Island'.  Although the series originally aired from '64 to '67, before my time; reruns were aired on TV so often in the 1970's, when I was growing up, that the show seemed almost ubiquitous.  I swear, I think you could catch it 7 days a week back then.  It appeared to me, from the show openings, that the girl we were supposed to like, was, "the Movie Star" and to be sure, Ginger (played by Tina Louise) was all kinds of pretty; however for me, I always liked Mary Ann.  Through my eyes, Mary Ann was not only pretty, but cute as well and being partial to brunettes, it was a slam dunk that I was a Mary Ann fan.  Another factor could also be that the character of Mary Ann just seemed so much more approachable and nice whereas the Ginger character seemed a bit stuck up.  (It should be noted that I'm talking about the characters.  I've never really got to know any celebrities personally, so I have no idea what the actual personalities of Dawn Wells and Tina Louise are like).  At any rate, seeing that beautiful brunette prance around a deserted island in daisy dukes everyday, definitely won her a place in my heart.  (Quite a big one actually.) 

Although she has done other acting parts, besides Mary Ann of 'Gilligan's Island' and its one off sequels, 'Rescue from Gilligan's Island' and 'The Castaways on Gilligan's Island', I really don't remember seeing her in them which is partially due to the fact that most of her work was done before my time.  Apparently, most of the work she's done since Gilligan's Island has been in Theater. 

She has her own website too,...  For more about Dawn Wells you could also visit her wikipedia page

Dawn Wells

Below are some pics of Dawn Wells

Dawn Wells - Mary Ann - autograph

Dawn Wells - Mary Ann - autograph - cleavage

Dawn Wells - color - autograph

Dawn Wells - victorian background

Dawn Wells as Mary Ann in shorts

Dawn Wells - hangin on tree

Dawn Wells - country

Dawn Wells - sad

Dawn Wells - shocked

Dawn Wells in orange dress

Here's a shot of Ginger and Mary Ann.

Ginger and Mary Ann

Dawn Wells - Bikini top

Dawn Wells in a Bikini

Dawn Wells in a Bikini

 Bob Denver and Dawn Wells

Dawn Wells in blue

Dawn Wells in pink

Dawn Wells in chains

Dawn Wells in chains

Dawn Wells - dreamy eyed

 Dawn Wells in bed

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