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Kaylee Frye


Kaylee Frye is Serenity's mechanic although her training was shall we say, informal, coming mostly from her dad.  Kaylee seems to be an eternal optimist, always finding the good in everybody and every situation.   Ultimately, she come off as a southern country farm girl, in Space.  One thing that was firmly established is that she loves strawberries.  She also seemed to have a thing for Simon Tam.  Probably not the one you'd want next to you in a gun fight, but you'd definitely want her in your engine room taking care of your equipment.

Although you couldn't truly call Kaylee 'innocent' in the strictest meaning of the word; she definitely had an innocence about her.  I'm no actor, so perhaps this is easier to do than I think, but personally I was always amazed at how Jewel Staite was able to constantly pull off those looks of naive innocence giving Kaylee a little girl quality, despite being an adult.

Kaylee Frye - Firefly - Jewel Staite

Kaylee Frye- smiling

Below are some pics of Kaylee Frye with a few of my favorite Kaylee Quotes between.

Kaylee Frye - Fluffy Dress - full body

Kaylee Frye - Fluffy Dress - close

Kaylee - Fluffy Dress - with Mal

Kaylee Frye - Pink

Kaylee Frye with gun

Kaylee Frye on couch with her feet on Simon Tam

Kaylee: " We're on a year now, I ain't had nothing 'twixt my nethers weren't run on batteries. "

Shepherd Book - Firefly

Kaylee: " Look they've got boy whores!  Isn't that thoughtful?  I wonder if they service girlfolk at all... "

Kaylee Frye in Hammock in engine room of Serenity

Jayne: " How's it sit?  Pretty cunning, don't you think? "

Kaylee: " I think it's the sweetest hat ever. "

Inara consoling Kaylee Frye

Kaylee: " Everything's shiny Cap'n.  Not to fret. "

Kaylee innocent smile

Kaylee: " The whole point of swearing is that it ain't appropriate. "

Kaylee Frye with parasol

Kaylee: " Sometimes a thing gets broke can't be fixed. "

Kaylee Frye - Serenity

Kaylee: " What's so damn important about bein' proper?  Don't mean nothin' out here in the black. "

Kaylee wave


For more Kaylee Frye info you may want to check out her Fireflywiki page.


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