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Leslie Winkle


Leslie Winkle - The Big Bang Theory - Sara Gilbert

Leslie Winkle is an experimental physicist.  She's had intimate relationships with both Howard and Leonard, however she is an arch-enemy of Sheldon.  (Perhaps in part due to her misguided belief in Loop Quantum Gravity.)  Leslie is much quicker with a joke than Sheldon so bests him in battles of the wit. 

My favorite Leslie Winkle quote, "Yeah Leslie Winkle!  The answer to the question, 'Who made Sheldon Cooper cry like a little girl?'"

(Leslie Winkle is played by Sara Gilbert)



Leslie Winkle and Leonard on the couch

Leslie Winkle with her Violin with Leonard

Leslie Winkle with coffee and muffin

Leslie Winkle in bed with Howard Wolowitz

Leslie Winkle in Lab with Leonard and Cheerios

Leslie Winkle - hugged by Leonard

Leslie Winkle in front of a chip machine

Leslie Winkle with Sheldon at the Physics Bowl

Leslie Winkle in her PMS shirt at the  Physics Bowl

Leslie Winkle kissing Leonard

Darlene Conner kissing David Healy

( At first glance it appears to be a picture of Leslie Winkle kissing Leonard, but it's actually Darlene Conner kissing David Healy. )

Leslie Winkle - bohemian

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