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Danielle aka Panser aka TradeChat


Danielle is a YouTuber who is primarily known for her World of Warcraft YouTube videos. (If you call her a video game reviewer or blogger, she's libel to slap you.)

Danielle - Panser Smash - slap

Panser may now be known more for her appearance on the TBS series 'King of the Nerds' where she competed as a member of the Orange team, aka Servants of the Forsaken Orb.  (She also appeared in Season 2 of 'The Tester'.)

Danielle seems to go by the name Panser or Panser Smash and uses the twitter handle TradeChat



Danielle - Panser Smash - TradeChat - face - glasses -  cleavage

Danielle - Panser Smash - rainbow hair

Danielle - Panser - gray dress - seat belt belt

Danielle - Panser Smash - glasses


For some reason, Panser first got my attention during the Cosplay competition on 'King of the Nerds'.

Danielle with the Servants of the Forsaken Orb

Danielle - Panser - elf - King of the Nerds

Danielle - Panser - King of the Nerds - cosplay Victory

Danielle - elf - cosplay

Danielle - Panser - wearing sprit hood

Danielle - Panser - spirit hood - front

Danielle - Panser - Bikini

Danielle - Panser - spirit hood - bikini

Danielle - King of the Nerds

Danielle Panser - Hello Kitty

Danielle Panser - Oompa Loompa - gif

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