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Dateline 06/04/2009, by Radon86    


Blind Taste Test - Bud vs Miller vs Coors

I was hoping to settle the age old question of, "Which tastes better, Budweiser, Miller or Coors?" (or should I say, which tastes better to me).  I like using blind taste tests for this so that Labels, Marketing or Bias for or against a Brewer won't influence my results.   So, I had my consort pour the three different beers into three different pint glasses, and I began my tasting.


Budweiser - beer Bottle

Miller High Life - beer Can

Coors - beer bottle


Sadly, after trying each beer, my first thoughts written down for each one were identical... Thin and Watery.  I also quickly determined that each would receive the exact same BeerTripper rating, 4.  These 3 beers all did taste like American Macro Lagers (aka American Adjunct Lagers) and since that is their style, I suppose that is a good thing.  So, this test proved to be anti-climatic for me.  Nevertheless, I soldiered on, these are three different beers from 3 different companies (discounting the recent Miller - Coors 'Joint Venture' of course) so surely they wouldn't use the EXACT same formula.  There must be differences.  What could I pull from each glass that was unique, different, better or worse than the others? 

One beer did quickly distinguish itself.  I found one to be sharper, drier and cleaner than the others.  Whether these characteristics make it better or worse than the rest depends on your own palate.  At the end of this Taste Test, it was revealed that this beer was the Budweiser.

The other two took me a really long time to grab distinguishing characteristics from.  In fact, I was down to my last sip of each before I had anything written down for these two besides, Thin, Watery and American Macro Lager, which of course was common to all three.  I ultimately felt that one of them was milder, dare I say smoother than the others.   This one turned out to be Miller High Life.

My thoughts on the beer that turned out to be Coors was that it seemed to have an essence of dirtiness that did get more pronounced as I got to the bottom of the glass.  It was not enough for me to knock this one's rating down to a three, but it was a perceptible difference, and for me anyway, ultimately made this beer my least favorite of the three.  Remember, they all got the same rating, so I'm really splitting hairs here.  Nevertheless, that is what I came away with.

So, which one did I like the best?...  Actually, if you would have asked while I was actually doing the test, I would have said (and did say) the beer that turned out to be Budweiser.  However, in the days after this test while I was writing individual reviews for each one, I drank each one individually, and I must say, I think I preferred the slightly smoother Miller High Life.  So, as with most of the beers here, my answer is, it depends on my mood and what I'm consuming at the time.  In this particular case, if I'm eating nothing and strictly sitting down to drink a beer, and have to choose between the three, I think I'd go for the Miller High Life.  However, if I'm eating something while drinking the beer, I think I'd go for the Budweiser.  Please keep in mind that I am really, really splitting hairs here.  I had really hoped I'd definitively know which I liked best after this test (after all it worked beautifully for Black Lagers) but these beers are just so similar that I feel like this whole test was, 'much ado about nothing'.


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