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This beer is listed as a Doppelbock at BeerAdvocate. (and so listed as such here)  But, I must say it's own label has a better Description,... Helles Doppelbock.  All Doppelbocks that I've had in the past were Doppel - Bocks whereas this seemed more like a Doppel - Maibock.  The point is this beer is not a brew filled with dark roasted malt, but more of a golden Maibock.  In fact the flavor is so reminiscent of a Maibock that if I were classifying this myself, blind to how others had classified it, I would have called it a Maibock.  Although it does have the grainy maltiness that I so love in most Maibocks,... Andygator has an alcohol bite to it that comes on early in the finish and in so doing takes away from my enjoyment of this brew.  It's alcohol content is 8%, and I've certainly had and enjoyed beers with higher alcohol contents.  But, I think it may be easier for beers with roasted malts or fruity flavors to hide their alcohol content.  This golden barley Maibock, just can't seem to hide it, so the finish is a bit too alcohol-y for my taste.  In addition although it does have a maltiness and a good mouth-feel, somehow it just doesn't taste as rich as I desire.  Which begs the question, is that a side effect of the alcohol or are they using adjuncts?  So, ultimately although each sip starts out with a sweet maltiness, by the end of each sip I'm left thinking, is this actually an American Malt Liquor?

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