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Shiner 104 White Wing

This Witbier was very smooth and fairly light.  It does have 'Wit' flavors, but very subtle and subdued.  Although I tend to be a fan of subtle and subdued, in this case I think it was too subtle and too subdued.  For instance, the packaging states "brewed with orange peel and coriander" but I don't think I picked any of that up.  Perhaps an essence of coriander, perhaps.  It has a medium mouth-feel that is almost silky, but not quite.  Gets a little more sour as it warms.  White Wing for me ends up in the middle; better than many American versions of the style where they seem to filter out all the yeast (WTF are some American Breweries thinking when they do that, to a Witbier??) but certainly not as full and flavorful as many European examples of the style.  So, White Wing gives you the essence of a Witbier, but not the Full Monte.  As such, perhaps it has a place in the market; but doesn't really with me.

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Shiner 104 White Wing Belgian White - 6 pack - 2013




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