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Wexford Irish Style Crème Ale

This English Bitter was subtle and smooth.  Or maybe I should say, too subtle and too smooth.  It was almost like drinking a thick water.  I hesitate to say it was watery as it actually had a decent, albeit slick, mouth-feel.  It was the taste that was thin.  The taste was extremely subtle, then some bitterness.  The slickness in the mouth-feel gets old for me real quick.  I had this out of the nitro can, and I don't know if it is the nitro cans that cause that slickness, or just whether beers that have that slickness, tend to get put into nitro cans.  Whichever the case, I'm not a big fan of the slickness.  As you get further into the beer, the slickness seems to turn to a slimey-ness that coats the tongue and seems to trap the hop bitterness there.  As a result, the further I get into the beer, the less malty and more bitter it tastes.  (Not that it has a lot of taste mind you)  Although it sounds like I'm trashing this beer, it really isn't bad, as long as you understand or are in the mood for a really, really subtle tasting beer with a bitter after-taste.

Wexford Irish Style Creme Ale - Can

(Although the can clearly says Greene King Brewing, their website doesn't appear to mention this brand at all.)


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2012-06-17 21:26:35


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