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May 16th 2008

Day 23 Fonty Python - Gimp

   I wanted to build a banner for this site but I was less than thrilled with the preinstalled fonts.  So I did a little Google search for Ubuntu Fonts and ended up on the following page... http://ubuntu.wordpress.com/2007/05/21/300-easily-installed-free-fonts-for-ubuntu/

    I decided to install the dustin fonts and did so by typing the following in the Terminal.... 
sudo apt-get install ttf-dustin

   The fonts were installed... but I didn't really have a good way of viewing them.  I found a character map, Applications, Accessories, Character Map.  But that wasn't really giving me the view I wanted.

   So, I opened up Synaptic by going to Add/Remove and searching for font applications.  I came across Fonty Python, checked it, and clicked Apply Changes.  Fonty Python installed without incident.

   I opened Fonty Python and was a bit disappointed that it didn't find the fonts automatically.  Although I'm not a total Linux newb.  I am a newb to Ubuntu and furthermore, I don't believe I have ever messed with fonts before on Linux.  So when it comes to Fonts on Linux, I am a newb.  So, I began trying to find some Fonts for Fonty Python to display for me.  I finally found some in /usr/share/fonts/. 

  Gimp comes preinstalled in Ubuntu 8.04, so I opened it up to begin my banner creation.  (For those who don't know, Gimp is a photoshop type program)  Gimp is one program that I have used before.  In fact, I first used Gimp in the 90's on Mandrake, and hated it.  I have also used it on Puppy Linux a few times over the last year, and... well, I wouldn't say I hated it, but I didn't love it, or even like it.  However, now that I'm using it on Ubuntu, I must say,... It's really starting to grow on me.  I'm quite sure a lot of that is that I'm finally getting used to it and it's layout, plus it has improved a lot since the 1990's.

(By the way, I didn't get the banner done on May 16th as I got side tracked playing with some gimp stuff)

(Boring Notes:  I didn't want to devote a page to it, but on May 15th I once again got the Gnome Settings Daemon error message.  Also on the 16th I was notified of and installed more software updates.  Software updates are so common, that I am no longer going to mention them unless something unusual happens during or following the update.)


Day 24 (May 17th 2008) - Perl.

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