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John C. Dvorak

John C. Dvorak was the host of Silicon Spin.  He sort of filled theJohn C. Dvorak "Oscar the Grouch" position at ZDTV / TechTV.  But don't get me wrong, I liked him a lot, in fact more often than not, I agreed with his opinions / rants.    (Still do, he writes for PC Magazine, and for my money the most entertaining Technology writer there is.)  But, I always felt guilty after TechTV cancelled Silicon Spin, because I didn't watch that show as religiously as I watched say, The Screen Savers.  The reason is as follows... 

Silicon Spin, for those of you who don't know, was a show that had panelists who discussed Tech Topics, much the way The McLaughlin Group discusses Political Topics.  Anyway, he often had this idiot girl from The San Jose Mercury News on the Panel, and man, I couldn't stand that halfwit bitch.  It wasn't long before I would just turn off Silicon Spin if I saw her.

Maybe I would have tuned in a little more, if it went like this...

John C. Dvorak- Issue number 1, Today Apple released the new ibook, available in 4 fluorescent colors and seemingly under powered, what does the future hold for the ibook?  Patty Patty Buke Buke!

Pat Buchanon- Well, I can't see a businessman

John C. Dvorak- Wrong! Idiot bitch from San Jose!

Idiot Bitch - I like pretty colors and

John C. Dvorak- Wrong! Eleanor-gee-I-think-you're-swelleanor!

Elenor Clift- Well

John C. Dvorak- Wrong! The ibook is an All Flash No Substance Abomination and it is an absolute metaphysical certitude that it will disappear quickly and be forgotten within 5 years.


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