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Leo Laporte

I thought Leo Laporte was great on The Screen Savers and the best host that Call for Help ever had.  Before ever actually watching ZDTV, the predecessor to TechTV, I would have thought a Television show about computers would be impossibly boring.  (And I'm a computer nerd.)  But The Screen Savers, and Call for Help, proved me wrong.  After just watching one episode of The Screen Savers, I was hooked, and a lot of the credit goes to Leo Laporte.   Leo Laporte and Kate Botello

To give you maybe an inkling of the type of engaging personalities they had on The Screen Savers, on at least one episode, they installed Linux.  Yes, they installed a Computer Operating System (Linux) on TV, and yet, I kept watching.  Instead of being bored to tears, I kept watching.  In fact, I have to give The Screen Savers credit for introducing me to Linux.  Thank You, Leo Laporte!

If you were a regular watcher of Leo Laporte on TechTV, you probably remember him mentioning his website,, well it's still going strong, so check it out,



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